key features

Revamp your season ticket and membership renewals

Make it easy for your patrons to opt-in to automatic renewals so they can keep enjoying your venue!

Full ticketing integration

Integrate seamlessly with the ticketing database to display information about events and link it to the checkout process online.
Make coming back every season easy.
Membership renewal

Make coming back every season easy.

Automatic renewals for your patrons means they can keep their favourite seats without interruption.

Streamlined internal processes

Reduce administration costs on memberships

Decrease the time spent on membership administration. With automatic renewals, staff need to deal with with fewer notices, emails, and calls to remind to renew their membership.

Reduce administration costs on memberships

Making the complexities of ticketing simple.

Vantix Ticketing does the heavy lifting so your team can do more of what they love—providing exceptional service to patrons who are making memories.

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