key features

All the data you need, when you need it

High-level or granular, the choice is yours. Vantix Ticketing gives you access to details about your sales, patronage, and facility so you can dive as deep as you need.

Large library of reports

Everything from revenue and attendance, ticket usage, membership sales and renewals, to accounting and shift reports.

Powerful Reporting

Schedule, email and run reports using multiple formats including PDF, Crystal, Excel, or CSV.


Custom views and information at a glance related to your sales, revenue, attendance, and more!

Device diversity

Available for use on Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
Keep everyone informed with recurring reporting.
Scheduled Reporting

Keep everyone informed with recurring reporting.

With scheduled automatic reporting you can keep everyone on your list in the loop regularly and easily.

Detailed reports

In-depth reporting made easy.

Stocked full of data, your report library is organized based on the most requested information. Decrease your admin time and use automatic reports and dashboards to view information at a glance.

In-depth reporting made easy.

Making the complexities of ticketing simple.

Vantix Ticketing does the heavy lifting so your team can do more of what they love—providing exceptional service to patrons who are making memories.

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Custom Reports

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