Our History

Vantix Systems started in 1990 as a software development company working towards a reputation for hard work, dedication, and commitment to our clients' needs. We were working as a fluid team of IT experts, business analysts, website developers, software developers, and project managers.

By 1992, we expanded our product side in conjunction with our partners to develop an increasingly complex patron and event systems infrastructure—the Advanced Ticket Management System (ATMS+) known today as Vantix Ticketing. This system was and still is a simple and economical solution to help with day-to-day management of facilities, events, box office, and ticketing and has become the leading choice of many North American museums, science centres, zoos, and aquariums.

We are proud to continue to grow as an established, independent  Western Canadian Corporation that delivers affordable, sustainable, and quality business solutions.

Our Mission

We aim to consistently provide top quality, professional services to all our clients—by providing expertly executed solutions. Our mission is to provide the best value for our clients in a timely, sustainable, and cost effective manner.

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Our Values

We strongly believe that we must earn the respect of the industries we serve. Our values are embedded in our entire approach—from client relationships right down to workplace culture.


Using truth and transparency in all aspects of our business.


Finding new and improved ways to solve complex and dynamic problems.


Listening, acknowledging and approaching every solution with open-mindedness.


Handling every project, client and employee with consideration and thoughtfulness.


Dedicated to creating a solution for every  client and project.


Thoughtfully managing projects with our full range of expertise.


Every interaction, software solution, or idea is approached with integrity and sincerity.


High standards and rigorous quality assurance to provide exceptional value.

Awards & Credentials

We don't expect you to just take our word for it; we've worked hard to earn accreditation and awards so we merit your business.

Premier’s Award of Excellence
Team of Experts
AN entire team of experts

No challenge too great

Regardless of your project scope, we've got you covered. Our team handles everything from enterprise architecture and middleware to operating systems, servers, and databases. Our vast knowledge will complement any project within these domains.

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