key features

No cords to tie you down.

Mobile point of sale offers your team the freedom to be as flexible as your patrons want you to be.

Tickets & admissions for temporary locations

Admit guests already in your facility into additional paid events in your venue.

Change offerings based on point of sale location

Curate and set ticket, event, and product availability based on location or need.

Wireless printing

Print tickets and receipts wirelessly using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi on a supported printer.

Timed Ticketing

Need to carefully manage the number of visitors throughout the day? Offer timed entry tickets and allow visitors to plan their arrival in advance.

Patron seat selection

Guests get find their perfect spot with interactive maps that allow them to browse, select and hold seats in real-time while they checkout.
Flexible scaling - increase resource capacity to match rush times
Simple onboarding

Flexible scaling - increase resource capacity to match rush times

Match the work to the demand with devices that are easy to operate and require minimal training. Scale your staff resourcing and optimize visitor entry points with ease.

Centralized data

Real-time inventory accuracy

Make overselling a concern of the past. Mobile sales are integrated directly with the main system so all the ticket data and availability is centralized, accurate and up to date.

Real-time inventory accuracy

Making the complexities of ticketing simple.

Vantix Ticketing does the heavy lifting so your team can do more of what they love—providing exceptional service to patrons who are making memories.

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