Everything from sales to site access to reporting all under one integrated platform

Running a festival is no small feat; with complex timing, ticketing and venue coordination—your software solution has to be seamless from festival conception to final reporting. With Vantix Ticketing, you get everything under the hood: multi-level ticketing with distinct pricing for a variety of venues and times.

Managing events at multiple locations has never been simpler
Concurrent event management

Managing events at multiple locations has never been simpler

Scheduling events tied to a location is made easy with Vantix Ticketing. You can control who has access to a venue based on ticket types and report on data specific to that location throughout your entire event. Enhance your patron's sales experience with events grouped by location, so they get all the information they need to complete their purchase.

Ticket options

Ticket types that fit your festival

Create ticketing variety with tiered price points and single or multi-day passes. Strategically sell tickets to increase attendance, fill less popular days through customized combinations, and offer discounts on specific ticket types, number of days, or ticket quantities.

Ticket types that fit your festival
From early-bird to day of ticket sales, keep your ticketing flexible.
Flexible Ticket Sales

From early-bird to day of ticket sales, keep your ticketing flexible.

Get powerful pricing tools that help incentivize your ticket sales. With early bird presale, specific sale days, group-specific discounts, or reduced pricing for lower admission days, you can tailor your ticketing options to help drive early commitment and market-specific experiences at a different price range.

additional features

That's not all we do

Vantix Ticketing has amazing features that makes running your festival easier.

Patron seat selection

Guests get find their perfect spot with interactive maps that allow them to browse, select and hold seats in real-time while they checkout.

Large library of reports

Everything from revenue and attendance, ticket usage, membership sales and renewals, to accounting and shift reports.


Custom views and information at a glance related to your sales, revenue, attendance, and more!

Custom Ticket Design

Design your own tickets.
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Better ticket management - in one convenient system.

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